Install from Alignak repositories

If you installed the Alignak backend from the Alignak Debian / RPM packages repositories, you can install with:

# Debian
apt install python-alignak-backend-import

yum install python-alignak-backend-import


for Python 3 version, replace python with python3 in the packages name.

Install with pip

With pip

You can install with pip:

pip install alignak-backend-import

From source

You can install it from source:

git clone
cd alignak-backend-import
pip install .

For contributors

If you want to hack into the codebase (e.g for future contribution), just install like this:

pip install -e .

Install from source without pip

If you are on Debian:

apt-get -y install python python-dev python-pip git

Get the project sources:

git clone

Install python prerequisites:

pip install -r alignak-backend-import/requirements.txt

And install:

cd alignak-backend-import
python install